Sugar High Before I Die

Sugar High Before I Die


Van installation: Vinyl adhesive prints (various sizes), vinyl adhesive print on light box (97 x 97 cm), sublimation print on bubblegum-scented air freshener (9.7 x 9.7 cm), sublimation prints on UV car sunshades (38 x 44 cm each), sublimation print on porcelain ashtray (4.2 (h) x 7.9 (d) cm), inkjet prints stapled onto cellophane bags (10.7 x 9.7 cm each), UV prints on double-sided PVC banners (60 x 40 cm each), single-channel video (08:24 mins). 

Gallery installation: Inkjet prints mounted on dibond (40 x 60 cm each), inkjet print (80 x 60 cm), vinyl adhesive print on light box (97 x 97 cm). 

The work Sugar High Before I Die explores the cultural phenomenon of Swedish “Lördagsgodis” (Saturday candy). Viewed from an outsider's perspective, light is shed upon the problematic nature of this cultural tradition and its impact upon public health in Sweden. The work strives to unravel questions from a lesser-known viewpoint about these social traditions’ historical ties with the unethical Vipeholm experiments.

The subsequent social implications that arose from the Vipeholm experiments were introduced during the Folkhemmet political movement, what could be referred to as the Swedish welfare state. These are traditions that are recognised today in Swedish society, such as “Lördgasgodis,” a typical Saturday ritual where you can have as much candy as you like, but only on Saturdays; and the “fluortant” or fluoride nurse who administers fluoride mouthwash to protect the health of school children’s teeth. Sugar High Before I Die examines the dark origin of these well-loved traditions as well as the way in which society today considers good oral hygiene to be a status symbol. 

Sugar High Before I Die - presented by KIOSKEN.

Installation images Vasa kyrkogata 5, Göteborg (SE), 8 July 2023. 

This exhibition was made possible with the support from Göteborgs Stad's Projektstöd Pronto grant. 

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