Good Day My Beloved

Good Day My Beloved


Analogue C-Print

92 x 76.5 cm; frame 94.5 x 79 cm

Edition 2 + 1 A/P

The viewer faces the mouth of a cave, the jagged-ice teeth a gate to what lies within its depths. The title Good Day My Beloved is reminiscent of a greeting from a spam email, warmly inviting the viewer into what may in fact be treachery.

The darkness beyond the viewer’s line of vision presents questions of who or what might dwell within the icy entrance. The cave itself could act as a portal or gateway into an unknown world. The choice of title reflects the notion that the cave may be a sentient being, driven by unknown forces. Forces beyond the scope of the viewer’s knowledge, forces that might be good, but could just as easily be malevolent.

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